Man Accused Of Cheating On Kiss Cam Blames Women For Ruining His Relationship


A man accused of being caught cheating on kiss cam at a football game in Ecuador appears to have blamed women for ruining his relationship.RGonzalezCBS/Twitter

A man accused of being caught cheating on kiss cam appears to have blamed women for ruining his relationship. 

Footage of the shifty-looking interaction went viral over the weekend, and while the man’s relationship status(es) have not been confirmed it certainly seems like he’s up to no good.


The scene was caught on camera during a football match between Barcelona SC and Delfin, which took place in Ecuador at Noche Amarilla 2020 on Sunday, January 19.

Check it out:

The man, who has apparently been identified as Deyvi Andrade, was filmed kissing a woman before he spotted the camera and quickly withdrew his arm from her shoulders, suddenly swapping his smile for a concerned look. Twitter users were quick to spot the strange behaviour and share it online, with viewers convinced they’d caught the man cheating.


After the footage went viral, several social media accounts popped up in the name of Andrade, with the user apparently trying to defend himself against the online criticism.

Man caught cheating on kiss camRGonzalezCBS/Twitter

In one post, he said his relationship was ‘definitely over’, before promising not to ‘fail again’, while in another he shared a picture of himself with another woman – presumably his former partner – and begged for forgiveness.

It read (translated):


We will be again like this, but forgive me I was wrong, I will do everything you ask me and I will not go out with my friends.

Despite having already admitted he’d failed, the Facebook user soon tried to turn the tables and place blame elsewhere. Apparently he’d decided that kissing another woman wasn’t his fault, and that it had simply been blown out of proportion because he was a man.

He wrote (translated):


What if it was a woman who was in my place? What would you do?

Several videos have circulated from unfaithful women but they haven’t been made fun of as much as me.

Another post read (translated):

I will defend my honour and my pride of man until the end… we all fail and repent.


The posts certainly seem to have come from the man in the video, but admittedly it seems odd the social media accounts popped up after the scene went viral.

I’m happy to say I’ve no experience with cheating myself but, if I had been caught being unfaithful, creating social media accounts and further discussing the footage definitely wouldn’t be my first move.

View this post on Instagram

Un buen momento 🤚💪 #idolo #bsc #campeon

A post shared by Deyvi Andrade urgiles (@deyviandradelibre) on

It’s possible the accounts have been set up by someone pretending to be Andrade, but if that’s the case they’re clearly set on defending the man in any way possible.

We may never know for sure whether the posts are really from the seemingly unfaithful man, or even whether he really was cheating, but his strange behaviour has intrigued people across the world.

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