Man Asks Girlfriend To Text Him World Cup Updates, Gets More Than He Bargained For

Harry Kane (England v Tunisia)Getty

A man got more than he bargained for when he asked his girlfriend to give him live updates for England’s opening World Cup match against Tunisia.

Like most of the country, I can safely assume you had your eyes glued to the TV as England scraped a well-deserved 2-1 win against their opponents from North Africa. Whether you were in the pub, or pulling a late shift at work, there was no way you wouldn’t be watching the game.

Unfortunately for one unlucky England fan, he was so indisposed he had to ask his girlfriend to give him play-by-play updates of the match. She kindly obliged him – but it wasn’t the kind of live update he was expecting.

Imagine asking someone who doesn’t have an interest in football to keep you updated with a football match. It’s the equivalent of asking a vegan to rank McDonald’s burgers from below average to excellent.

That’s what happened when a law student from London was asked to give her boyfriend live updates of last Monday’s match.

She posted her live text updates on Twitter, writing:

My boyfriend asked me to text him updates from the #ENGTUN game as he’s on his way home. You can’t say it’s not accurate. #WorldCup

Her post received over 3.2K retweets and over 11.5K likes, it’s fair to say her updates got the approval of the internet.

People on Twitter praised the girl – who’s proudest achievements include: ‘Completing a virtual World Cup sticker album and making a damn good stromboli’ – and wanted her to continue her sarcastic, but hilariously accurate, play-by-play updates for England’s next game.

One person wrote:

This is excellent commentary. Please continue. I see no issues here.

While another person said:

Oh this is far more entertaining than the actual commentary

To be fair I’d rather listen to her commentary over Mark Lawrenson’s any day of the week. Does he even like football anymore?

Unfortunately, she won’t be able to provide us with her riveting commentary for England’s second group game against Panama this Sunday.

She told disappointed fans on Twitter:

Thanks everyone! If I knew this was going to take off I would’ve made sure I spelt floor correctly… I’m sorry to say that I’m on a plane at the time of the next England game…

There’s always England v Belgium.

We all know football fans like to have a good time, so when something like the World Cup rolls around, it’s to be expected some people are going to really enjoy themselves.

And though we’ve all heard over the years horror stories of hooligans running riot and clashing with rival supporters in foreign cities, it takes an even bigger football fan to show respect for the stadium and city they’re in.

Following their dramatic 2-1 win over Poland yesterday, (June 19), a portion of Senegal supporters stayed behind in the stadium to help clean up the mess which had been left.

Senegal wasn’t the only conscientious country, as some of Japan’s fans also stayed behind, after they watched their national team get one over Colombia, to clean up.

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