Man Asks To Go To Hospital After Fiancé Tricks Him Into Thinking It’s Christmas

by : Saman Javed on : 04 Apr 2021 18:33
Man Asks To Go To Hospital After Fiancé Tricks Him Into Thinking It's Christmaskenzielynnsmith/TikTok

A man asked to be taken to the hospital after his fiancé tricked him into believing it was Christmas.

Mackenzie Lynn, from the US, posted a hilarious TikTok showing the lengths she went to in pulling off the prank.


Telling her followers that she was convincing her fiancé it was Christmas purely to ‘trip’ him out, she showed viewers around her festively decorated house.

‘I decorate the whole house,’ she says, while showing off a Christmas tree, themed ornaments, stockings above the fireplace and even a wreath on the door.

@kenzielynnsmithHe asked me to take him to the hospital😩 ##fyp ##foryou @jakemaldonado @conejones♬ original sound – Mackenzie Lynn


Taking things one step further, and fool-proofing her plan, she also changed his lock-screen to say December 25.

As expected his reaction is of extreme confusion. Watching him try to piece together what was going on, and how he could possibly have forgotten it was Christmas, Lynn tells him, ‘I’m getting worried about you.’

For good measure, her fiancé takes out his phone to check the date. After seeing what we can only assume is the date December 25, his face drops.

A friend, or roommate, who was also in on the prank later walks out carrying a number of takeaway boxes.


Her fiancé asks him where he is going, to which the friend replies – in a ‘it’s Christmas, where do you think I’m going’ tone – that he’s going to see his family.

In the caption of her video, Lynn wrote that her fiancé later asked her to take him to the hospital because he was so confused.

The video has already received more than two million likes and 19,000 comments from bemused viewers.


‘His soul left his body after he looked at his phone,’ one person said. Another wrote, ‘He looked so confused please help this poor man.’

Agreeing with her fiancé’s sentiment, a third person said, ‘No, but if someone did to me I would check myself into a hospital within 30 minutes.’

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