Man Claiming To Be Kendall Jenner’s Twin Expertly Photoshops Himself Into Her Photos

by : Tom Percival on : 11 Jan 2016 14:47
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To be quite honest we’ve lost track of how many Kardashians there actually are, so this bloke’s hilariously edited photos were enough to convince us that he was part of the clan.


‘Kirby Jenner’ has become an online celebrity by editing himself into Kendall Jenner’s Instagram photos and claiming to be her twin brother.

The Instagram account was started in July, and Kirby had labeled himself as an “amateur model”, a “lover of all things” and the “fraternal twin of Kendall Jenner”. But he recently told The Daily Mail that, “despite his new-found fame, he’s actually just ‘a fun dude, livin’ life one day at a time”.


Kirby must spend an awful lot of his free time working with editing software, as these pictures are pretty damn professional. It probably requires some serious skills to edit yourself so seamlessly into a supermodel’s most famous photos!


Despite his success, Kirby hasn’t quite reached the dizzying number of followers that Jenner’s Instagram has, he’s only got a paltry 55.7 thousand to her whopping 46.2 million.

Still there’s time for the newest Kardashian to catch up yet…

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    He has no trouble keeping up with Kendall! Man who says he is the model's 'secret twin' KIRBY Jenner earns social media stardom by expertly editing himself into her pictures