Man Fears Snakes Are Living In His Walls After Finding Terrifying Snake Skins

by : Niamh Shackleton on : 01 Sep 2021 12:33
Man Fears Snakes Are Living In His Walls After Finding Terrifying Snake Skins@murphymark/Instagram/PA Images

A man found several snake skins dotted around his home, and it can only be described as the stuff of nightmares.

Mark Murphy was helping his friend move into his newly bought home when the pair went into the basement to discover a handful of snake skins, but no snake.


From the location of the skins, the two did the maths and realised it could mean the serpent is living in the walls of the building.

Documenting it on TikTok, Mark shared a clip of their gruesome discoveries, and it’s safe to say everyone is just as freaked out as I am.

Check it out:



One person commented on the video that’s since been viewed over four million times, ‘My biggest fear is a snake crawling into your bed when you’re asleep.’

Another wrote, ‘I’d move out,’ while a third person said it gave them ‘Chamber of Secret vibes’ from Harry Potter.

Someone else even went as far as suggesting burning the house down and leaving Earth would be the ‘better option’ compared to living there.


Since the first video went viral, Mark has uploaded a second part to the ongoing saga where he tells his followers that the ‘freshest snake skins’ were found in the attic of the house, and that there may be a snake’s nest up there.

No further updates have been given since June, meaning the snake is still likely to be roaming around the house…

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