Man Grates His Jeans To Stop Them Looking ‘Too New’


Man Grates His Jeans To Stop Them Looking 'Too New'@sophieviolet2/TikTok

A TikTok video has shown a man grating his jeans to make them look less new. 

A lot of people have strange habits that only those close to them fully realise. However, few people share these odd patterns of behaviour with the rest of the world.


A TikTok video has now revealed a strange practice with new jeans. TikTok user Sophie Violet (unorthodoxchatterbox) has shared a video of her partner preparing his new jeans, and it has shocked plenty of watchers.

Check out the jean video:


The short video, captioned ‘Anyone else’s fella grate their new jeans because there ‘too new”, shows Violet’s partner knelt on the floor using a cheese grater on his jeans to change their appearance. Safe to say, the unconventional treatment of the jeans has split opinion on TikTok.


Some have supported the practice, with one person writing, ‘that’s genius ngl I’m gonna do this.’

However, others were confused by why the man on the video was grating his jeans, particularly when you can buy distressed jeans to give the same effect. One comment noted, ‘That’s why there’s the option of “distressed jeans” so you don’t have to do this shh..1t.’

TikTok (PA Images)PA Images

Others were less helpful in their responses and stressed that the person needed to work in the jeans for a few days rather than using a cheese grater on them. There were also a few comments that just labelled him ‘a psychopath’.


The video has managed to gain more than one million views in just a few days, and has sparked plenty of discourse on how to get jeans looking right. Whether people agree with grating jeans or not, many have noted that this practice is cheaper than buying distressed jeans.

With that in mind, grating jeans may become more popular on the back of this video.

Featured Image Credit: @sophieviolet2/TikTok

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