Man Has Hilariously Refreshing Gay Santa Advert Complaint

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Man Has Hilariously Refreshing Gay Santa Advert ComplaintPosten/YouTube

By now you may well have seen one the more romantic Christmas adverts of the season, in which Santa gets a boyfriend.

Made by the Norwegian Postal Service to mark the 50-year anniversary of homosexuality being decriminalised in Norway, When Harry Met Santa tells the story of a man who pines all year long for his beloved Saint Nick, stealing a few precious moments each year on Christmas Eve.


As the years go on, the man plucks up the courage to declare his love for his famously jolly crush, writing him a letter that reads ‘all I want for Christmas is you’. The pair then finally share a festive kiss.


The postal service’s marketing director, Monica Solberg, previously told LGBTQ Nation:

Posten is an inclusive workplace with great diversity, and we would like to celebrate the 50th anniversary with this fine love story.

In last year’s campaign, Santa was angry at Norway Post, which took away from him the ‘business’ – this year, Santa is happy that Norway Post can relieve him a little, so that he can be with the one he loves.


It’s a sweet and very festive ad, but unsurprisingly there are those who’ve ben left incensed by the thought of Santa smooching another man under the mistletoe.

This is despite us all apparently being totally cool with the thought of mommy kissing Santa Claus behind daddy’s back for nearly 50 years.

Now a man named Simon Harris has made a hilariously refreshing complaint against the inclusive ad, which begins all too predictably before finishing on a positive note.


Writing beneath a Metro article about ‘the most sensational Xmas TV ad of the year’, Simon quipped:

Why do they have to shove it in our faces like this? I don’t want my kids growing up thinking this is normal. Christmas adverts should only be shown from 1st December onwards.

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Simon’s tongue-in-cheek comment has been described as ‘brilliant’ and ‘quality’, with another laughing, ‘he had us in the first half there’.

Of course, now we’re in December, it’s officially absolutely fine to watch every single Christmas ad, music video and film to your heart’s content. Merry Christmas!


If you’ve been affected by any of these issues and want to speak to someone in confidence, contact the LGBT Foundation on 0345 3 30 30 30, 10am–6pm Monday to Friday, or email [email protected]

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