Man Leaves £5 On Ambulance To Thank Paramedics For Blocking His Drive


A highly-positive thank you note which was left on an ambulance this week, has gone viral for all the right reasons.

The letter, which was placed on a vehicle in Wales, had a £5 attached from a homeowner who praised paramedics for their actions.

Dewi Lloyd tweeted the picture of the note saying, ‘Heart warming note left on one of the Flintshire Ambulances #Welshambulance.’

The note itself read:

Thank you for blocking my driveway to save a life. Refreshments on me.

The tweet has since amassed over 1,300 likes and 400 retweets, at the time of writing, after it was posted on Wednesday, August 22.

Steph Hughan, who wrote the note, said:

I had the police blocking my driveway and you know what I did? I had a nose through the blinds, took a picture of the action, posted it on Facebook and went back to bed as it was still 6am.

One person, Tina Ashford commented:

More people should do this sort of thing. Ambulance crews work horrendous hours doing an incredibly difficult job and I genuinely don’t think the general public realises that they DONT get the same pay levels, pensions schemes, employment protections or basic respect of the other public servants because they aren’t actually considered an essential service like the police or fire brigade. [sic]

I think most of the population would disagree!

A third said:

Good on you. The guy that left the £5 note for drinks for the Ambulance crew would have mad there day. [sic]

The Ambulance crew deserves to be treated with respect because they help people who are ill and dying.

They will go on behoned the call of duty same has the police and fire brigade and the coast guard the all do an amazing job. Respect to all of them and all our troops in the Army. [sic]

One slightly disagreed with the paramedic’s decision, saying:

I get why they sometimes have to block a driveway, but occasionally the person blocked in may have a reason to need to get out in a hurry.

Some family emergency, someone urgently needing their help. Maybe an elderly person for who they are the first contact on a life line. All sorts of reasons.

When the paramedics arrive, they rarely come screeching in and just stop and run (even in an emergency). So my point here is sometimes, just sometimes, people are not always bad people when they get frustrated at being blocked in.

A spokesperson from the Welsh Ambulance Service responded:

Such a boost for our hardworking crews when they get a heartfelt thank you note for doing a tough job.

No financial incentive required! They are just dedicated. Thank you anonymous author.

Earlier this week, the East Midlands Ambulance Service urged members of the public to talk to staff rather than leave angry notes on their vehicles. Seems to be paying off in one part of the UK!

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