Man Replaces Bike Seat With ‘Horse’s Butt’ So He Can Look Like A Centaur

by : Niamh Shackleton on : 19 Mar 2021 16:08
Man Replaces Bike Seat With 'Horse's Butt' So He Can Look Like A Centaurkylescheele/TikTok

We’ve all seen some strange stuff online and fallen into the abyss that is TikTok, but this guy takes random to new levels.

TikToker Kyle Scheele saw a tandem bike for sale and straight away thought of the idea of removing the back seat and replacing it with the back end of a horse so he’d appear as a centaur while riding it.


Joking that his brain didn’t work like everyone else’s, Kyle told a friend about his idea and was sure someone would have already thought of it. However, after doing some digging online, he came to realise that he appeared to have been the only person to have thought of the quirky idea.


Explaining his train of thought, Kyle explained in a TikTok video shared earlier this month:

A few years ago I saw this tandem bike for sale and literally the first thought I had was, if you cut the back seat off of that and replaced it with a horse’s butt, it would look like a centaur riding a bicycle.


‘I told my friend my friend that idea and said, “It’s a pretty obvious idea though, so I’m sure somebody’s done it already.” He looked at me like I was crazy and said, “I’m pretty sure that idea is only obvious to you, you weirdo.” So I googled it and it turned out he was right,’ Kyle continued.

With this in mind, Kyle took it upon himself to create the hilarious-looking bike, something which he says made him ‘the centaur of attention’. Ba-dum, tissss.

His video detailing his unique invention has since accumulated an impressive 2.2 million likes and more than 15,000 comments.

@kylescheele“Some men see things and ask ‘Why?’ Other men see tandem centaur bicycles and ask ‘Why not?’” -Me (paraphrased) ##fyp ##bussin ##bicycle ##make♬ FEEL THE GROOVE – Queens Road, Fabian Graetz

One person commented, ‘I can confirm: I’ve never seen or imagined anything like that,’ as someone else asked how much horsepower the bike has.

The puns didn’t stop there either. Another TikToker wrote, ‘I laughed so hard my throat is horse,’ while another joker said, ‘He literally took the idea and rode with it’.

Following the popularity of his video, Kyle gave his 2.1 million followers an update on the bike’s current condition, and it’s not good news, folks.

@kylescheeleReply to @treybrr AN UPDATE ON THE CENTAUR BIKE! (pssst… I need your help)♬ Monkeys Spinning Monkeys – Kevin MacLeod

The TikToker explained that the videos from the original TikTok he did were from several years ago and since then, he stored the bike inside a barn which someone then moved outside.

Due to the horse’s butt being made of cardboard, when it rained the back end of Kyle’s centaur completely dissolved leaving him with a very ordinary tandem bike. What a night-mare…


Your long faces won’t last long though as Kyle is now looking to rebuild the bike and make centaur 2.0 more stable so that someone could sit on the back of it as well. Huzzah!

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