Man Reveals Unbelievable Reason He Doesn’t Have Influencer Friends

by : Emily Brown on : 26 Sep 2021 16:28
Man Reveals Unbelievable Reason He Doesn't Have Influencer Friends@adeibb/TikTok

A TikToker has revealed why he has ‘zero influencer friends’ after going out to dinner with a popular internet personality. 

Adeib El Masri, an Arab-American photographer who is based in Los Angeles, took to TikTok this month to provide viewers with a ‘storytime’ about an Instagram model who has ‘like 500,000 followers’.


The photographer didn’t reveal the identity of the model, but stressed they were ‘actually popular’ and implied he had been close with her prior to this incident, describing her as his ‘bestie’ and apologising for what he was about to say, adding, ‘We’re not besties any more.’

TikToker recalls story of influencer (@adeibb/TikTok)@adeibb/TikTok

Having described influencers as a ‘different breed in LA’, Adeib explained that he’d enjoyed a nice dinner out with the model during which ‘everything was vibes’ and the model was ‘so funny’, but things took a turn when it came time for the pair to pay for what they’d eaten.

When presented with the bill, Adeib assured he was about to put his card down but he was caught off guard when his dinner date looked at the waiter and asked if the restaurant would compensate their meal if she posted about it on Instagram.


The TikToker described being stunned by the question, thinking, ‘You didn’t just ask that… that’s so embarrassing,’ but the model appeared unashamed as she continued her attempts to get a free meal after the waiter said ‘no’.

Hear Adeib’s story below:


According to Adeib, she said, ‘I literally have like 500,000 followers, like tens of thousands of people see my Instagram Story, if I post like you guys are going to get so much business.’


In spite of the model’s promises of apparent fame and fortune, the waiter turned her down once again, leaving her to shrug off the rejection with a sigh of ‘whatever’.

Appalled, Adeib said he apologised to the waiter, telling his viewers the situation was ‘so embarrassing’ and questioning, ‘What is wrong with people?’

TikToker recalls story of influencer (@adeibb/TikTok)@adeibb/TikTok

The photographer shared the video along with the caption, ‘And this is why I have 0 influencer friends in LA,’ with his video racking up dozens of responses from people baffled at the influencer’s apparent behaviour.


Adeib later shared an update to say that his influencer friend had blocked him just 40 minutes after posting the video,  indicating she wasn’t happy about having her story shared for all to hear – and judge.

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