Man Sleeping In His Car Now Terrified After Waking Up And Seeing Human Face


Well that’s creepy.

One Imgur user, Kangaroosters, woke up in his car to find a print of a human face on the window.

He explained:

I’m not proud of it, but I’ve been forced to live out of my car for now. Today I woke and found this on my rear window. I’ve never felt so vulnerable.

It’s a pretty detailed face, and it looks like whoever it belongs to was stood there for quite a while having a good old stare. Kangaroosters says he’s now terrified to sleep in his car again.


The image garnered a lot of sympathy from other users on the site, with one, RationalWhimsy, saying: “I don’t have much, but if I can send something, to a local Fedex or someplace for you, I’d be happy to.”

Some were more sceptical, however, with a user called IWugYouWugHeSheMeWug saying:

Yeah, I don’t really believe this. If someone was putting the side of their face on the window (since we can clearly see that this is the side of a face), why would half of their mouth and the whole side of their nose also be pressed up against the glass.

I don’t even understand how someone could press the entire side of their nose against a flat plane.

On top of that, who looks through a window by smashing the entire side of their face against the window? You’d cup your eyes with your hands and press the sides of your palms up against the window…

Seems like a weird thing to lie about, though. An extremely creep, weird thing.