Man Spots Ghostly Figure Hiding Behind Door After Hearing Noises In Kitchen

by : Saman Javed on : 06 Dec 2020 17:55

A man has decided to move out of his flat after a picture of his seemingly empty kitchen showed a ghostly figure hiding behind the door.

He took the photo, which was originally shared on Reddit, ‘after hearing taps’ and noises from the kitchen while home alone.


At first, the picture appears pretty ordinary and simple shows a dimly-lit hallway opening up to the kitchen. But after a closer look, disturbed users spotted a spooky figure peeking out from behind the door.

The picture was uploaded online with the caption: ‘After hearing taps and noises from my kitchen I take a photo and see this’.


He said he has since decided to move out of the flat, as per the post on Reddit.


In an update, the man said:

For a bit more context, I live with 3 friends but was home alone at the time of the picture.

After taking it I checked [the] kitchen and found no one. I then checked every room after and no one else was in my house. Front door [was] locked and all windows were shut too. No idea what’s happened.

I didn’t think this would get any attention, but thank you to the ones who have shown concern.

He said that since taking the chilling picture, he has been packing some belongings and preparing to go and stay with his family. ‘I’ve told my flat mates that I’m going, and why I am, but they’ve chosen to stay there,’ he said.


The post has garnered a lot of attention online, with many expressing their horror at what appears to be a ghost.

One said: ‘I zoomed in and was thinking “ffs there’s nothing th….holy s***!” and almost threw my iPad off my lap.’

Another commented saying: ‘If this isn’t fake then you definitely have a ghost, to which the original poster said: ‘Unfortunately it’s not. I wish it was.’

Some users weren’t so quick to believe the poster, arguing that the image may have been edited.


One said: ‘The resolution in the image is different (more ‘clear’) only in the area of the ‘face’ (mask).’

‘You can see that the way the pixels are rendered in just that area are different. It’s smoother looking than any other part of the entire image,’ the user added.

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    After hearing taps and noises from my kitchen I take a photo and see this.