Man Standing Up Against Racist Attacker Ends Up Unintentionally Being Racist In Viral Clip

by : Cameron Frew on : 23 Aug 2021 18:55
Man Standing Up Against Racist Attacker Ends Up Unintentionally Being Racist In Viral Clip@anasiniesta_08/TikTok

A man tried to defend someone being subjected to racist abuse, but unintentionally ended up being racist himself. 

TikTok user @anasiniesta_08 recently posted a clip which has already amassed more than 2.8 million views, with thousands of comments.


The clip shows an argument between two men at a Burlington Coat Factory in Michigan, which appears to have been sparked by racist comments. However, it’s not entirely clear how the altercation started.

In the video, one man tells another: ‘Go back where you came from.’ The other replies: ‘I’m from China, you a**hole!’


Before their argument goes any further, another white man steps in, clearly bothered by the way he was ‘speaking to people’.

‘I’m as white as you and I don’t talk sh*t,’ he tells him, before adding: ‘Wow, you’re browner than me. Holy sh*t, you are browner than me.’

The third man said: 'You're browner than me.' (@anasiniesta_08/TikTok)@anasiniesta_08/TikTok

The latter comment has been criticised by many people in the comments, coming after his initial defence of the Chinese gentleman. ‘Browner than me is killing me rn,’ one wrote. ‘He fought racism with racism,’ another wrote. ‘They having a racism off?’ a third joked.


Some have come to the unnamed third man’s defence. ‘The point of him saying ‘you’re browner than me’ is him trying to say we are all a different colour and colour shouldn’t be judged props to him no cap,’ one commented.

However, the vast majority agree it’s an example of unintentional racism – although, many find it comical rather than offensive. ‘I don’t know if I should be laughing,’ one wrote.

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