Man Steals Girlfriend’s Car, Crashes It, Sets House On Fire, Dances On Roof


This guy made some incredibly bad decisions recently.

The 25-year-old from Indianapolis started his run of stupidity by allegedly stealing his girlfriend’s car, quickly crashing it into a pole at the end of the street, Complex reports.

The man, identified by FOX 59 as Matthew Russ, was then found by police and SWAT teams on his girlfriend’s front lawn, chilling with a knife, as you do.


Noticing he had company Russ went back into the house, which his girlfriend – presumably ex-girlfriend now – quickly left. He then took the next logical step – he set the property on fire.

And as things were going so well for him he proceeded to climb on the roof of the burning house for a bit of a boogie. By this point the police had had enough, though, and shot the lone dancer with rubber bullets before tasing him.

Russ was then taken to a nearby hospital.

What an idiot. At least he looks like he’s having fun though.