Man Tricked Into Eating Dog Shit In Grossest Prank Ever

by : Tom Percival on : 30 Nov 2015 12:35

We’ve all eaten something we later regret, usually though it’s something like a doner kebab, not dog shit like the bloke in this video.


In a reversal on the classic chocolate dog shit prank, a bloke tricks his unfortunate co-worker into believing that a pile dog shit is chocolate. Unfortunately it really is dog shit.

In fairness the poor victim is told what it is he’s about to eat, but he confidently tucks into the turds clearly thinking he’s got one over on his mate.

But when his friend bursts out laughing he realises what he really ate and immediately starts projectile vomiting like the world’s worst fountain, shouting: “It is dog shit!”

man sickman sickLiveleak

But intrepid internet detectives don’t think that everything’s as it seems in the video.

They commented:

fake 2fake 2LiveLeak

And questioned:


Real or not, I still think this is pretty fucked up.

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