Man Visits ‘World’s Loneliest House’ On Remote Island That Has Been Abandoned For 100 Years

by : Rhiannon Ingle on : 20 Sep 2021 16:27

Footage of a TikToker visiting the ‘World’s Loneliest House’ on a remote island in Iceland that has been abandoned for a century has gone viral.

The first video of the ‘Loneliest House in the World’ series, which consists of five TikTok videos, now has more than 18 million views.


According to the user behind the account @intrestingman, there are ‘tons of conspiracy theories around it’.

‘Some people think a billionaire built this place in case of a zombie apocalypse,’ the TikToker says, ‘Some people think it’s a religious cult, but most people just want to move here and get away from their problems.’

There are currently more than 11 thousand comments on the original video. One user wrote, ‘I would sell my soul to live there.’ Another added, ‘Imagine you live there and then someone knocks on the door…’


The TikToker highlights, ‘This trip is said to be extremely dangerous and locals say you’d have to be stupid to go with no experience.’

After meeting up with a guide, Bjarni, and their driver, Ragnar, the TikToker gets told, ‘You will be s******* yourself,’ by a local man.


‘It is not good sailing weather,’ says another.

After getting on the boat, the TikToker tells the camera, ‘Ah, I’m terrified.’ He goes on to say, ‘This is the part of the video where I can never really illustrate how scared I am and, like, just how dangerous this is for someone like me who has no experience doing anything.’

After finally reaching the remote island, the TikToker says, ‘There’s a lonely house on the other side of the island and I’ve got two Icelandic dudes to share it with.’


The three arrive at the house and the TikToker finds out that he is just the 11, 265th person to set foot in the building.

The trio stay the night, with Bjarni making them breakfast in the morning. The TikToker finally asks the men about the history of the house, to which Bjarni tells him that the place was built for bird scientists to study the island’s puffins.


After getting a call from the mainland that the sea is calm and that the three should head back, the TikToker ends the final video with, ‘Well one thing’s for sure. I know where I’m going in a zombie apocalypse.’

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