Man Wakes Up After Night Out To Find X-Rated Tattoo On His Bum


Have you ever known anyone to drunkenly get a tattoo and wake up the next morning really pleased with the outcome? No, you haven’t, because getting a tattoo while you’re shit-faced is never a good idea.

Lewis, 30, from Torquay, thought it’d be hilarious if he got a tattoo of a dick on his bum during a holiday in Thailand with his brother.


Lewis said: 

I have a tradition of every time I go on holiday I get a tattoo, some people collect fridge magnets I collect tattoos.

After waking up with a sore arse covered in Vaseline, Lewis realised he may well have the worst tattoo in the world and sought the help of E4’s Tattoo Fixers.

The show’s tattoo artist, Jay, said he’d seen his fair share of cock tattoos but this one was the worst.

After a painful session on the tattoo chair, Lewis had the cock covered up with a tattoo of an ‘international jet set scene’ and he was delighted with the results.


He said:

Wow, I love it. It is brilliant. I am really pleased, it is the best tattoo I have got.

I don’t know about you, but I’m not sure which tattoo is worse.