Man With Subdermal Implants And Split Tongue Shows Off ‘Crazy’ Body Modifications

by : Niamh Shackleton on : 08 Jun 2021 15:04
Man With Subdermal Implants And Split Tongue Shows Off 'Crazy' Body Modifications h8pablooo/TikTok

Taking body modifications to a new level, one TikToker has been showing off his subdermal implants and even had his tongue split in two.

Juan Pablo, known as @h7pablooo on the popular video sharing platform, has generated quite the following by displaying his undeniably unique body modifications.


In one of his videos, Pablo shows his subdermal implants, which have been placed in the inside of his arm. For those of you who are new to subdermal implants, they are small shapes, usually made out of silicone, that are placed underneath the skin to display a raised design or pattern on the skin’s surface.

The design on the inner part of Joan’s arm outlines a small spider, while his forearms boast large, ball-like implants from his wrist to his elbows. He shows these off while holding up a rather cute kitten and making it dance.

Check it out:



Pablo even has implants in his hands, giving him a bumped effect up his thumbs. And if that wasn’t enough, he then leans towards the camera to show off his split tongue and practically makes it clap.

He captioned the video, which has been viewed more than nine million times, ‘I promise I’m not crazy’. The clip has been liked nearly 848,000 times and has generated 34,000 comments.

Viewers had a very mixed response to his uncommon look. One person wrote, ‘Wait, that’s kinda cool bro’, while another person said, ‘I can understand why people might have different opinions, [but] personally I find them pretty cool. Makes you stand out more’.

TikToker shows off arm implants (h8pablooo/TikTok)@h8pablooo/TikTok

Meanwhile, someone else said, ‘You’re the reason my mom won’t let me get a piercing,’ as another person commented, ‘Idk why but this made me feel uncomfortable’.

A third person wrote, ‘Props to you but I could NEVER deal with feeling lumps under my skin. It’s my worst fear.’

While Pablo’s modifications seem pretty extreme, they’re arguably quite tame compared to this guy, who had his top lip removed so he could look like an alien.

Anthony Loffredo has undergone several procedures over the years, including having his nose removed, and having tattooed his whole body – eyeballs and all.


Anthony, who’s based in France, had to go to Spain to have his nose removed as the controversial procedure is currently illegal in his country.

Featured Image Credit: h8pablooo/TikTok

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Juan Pablo/TikTok
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