Man’s Hilarious Reaction To Cooking With Glass Pan Is Incredible

by : Julia Banim on : 21 Nov 2021 17:31
Man's Hilarious Reaction To Cooking With Glass Pan Is Incredible@lopwert/TikTok/UNILAD

A TikToker has had a hilarious – and very relatable – reaction to cooking with a glass pan for the first time.

I for one never knew there even was such a thing as a glass pan, and have been left absolutely mesmerised after seeing one in action.


Luke Cameron, who creates and shares unboxing videos on TikTok, revealed he’d ‘never ordered anything so quick in all my life’, having hit buy ‘literally 30 seconds’ after seeing a video of the pan.

Check it out for yourself below:


Beaming from ear to ear as he unwrapped his purchase, avid cook Luke said he ‘did not believe it’ when he first saw the pan, gasping with delight as he pulled it from the box. His excitement boiled over further once the cooking began.


Popping the unusual pan on the hob with evident glee, Luke remarked, ‘Look how clear it is’, whistling animatedly as the water began to bubble.

In a state of evident merriment, Luke laughed:

I can’t wait to put an egg in it! Is that sad?

glass pan (@lopwert/TikTok/UNILAD)@lopwert/TikTok/UNILAD

Luke then could be seen sat literally watching the water boil, as avidly as if he’d been following the tense conclusion of a TV drama.

Luke’s enthusiasm for his interesting new pan has proven infectious, with one person commenting that they ‘love his absolute joy’. Another remarked that they ‘love how excited he was just to boil water’.

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