Man’s Life-Saving Trick To Free Yourself From Duct Tape When Kidnapped Is Unbelievable

by : Cameron Frew on : 03 Dec 2019 11:12
Man's Life-Saving Trick to Free Yourself From Duct Tape When Kidnapped Is UnbelievableMan's Life-Saving Trick to Free Yourself From Duct Tape When Kidnapped Is UnbelievableJam Press

You’ve seen it in the movies. A man, woman or child is kidnapped and their wrists are wrapped together with duct tape, but fear not: if you’re ever caught in a similar pickle, there’s an easy way out. 


Anthony, from Queens, New York, let his mother’s husband wrap his wrists with layer upon layer of tape.

With his mum filming, the 20-year-old achieves what at first appears to be a Herculean feat: ripping apart the tape in a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it motion.

Check out the video below:


If you ever find yourself restrained in a scary kidnapping scenario, Anthony’s trick is the way to free yourself. Here’s the best bit: you don’t even need to be strong to do it.

Contrary to how films and TV shows paint it to be, it’s actually relatively easy to get yourself out of this jam – thanks to Anthony, now everyone’s in on a way out.

After his wrists are adequately wrapped, he abruptly thrusts his hands into his core, and somehow it successfully breaks the duct tape apart and he sets himself free.

Man Kidnapped Trick Duct TapeMan Kidnapped Trick Duct TapeJam Press

While Anthony is sharing the technique, he actually learned the trick from Tim Kennedy’s Instagram page, a former US Special Forces soldier and retired UFC mixed martial artist.

Anthony said:

I saw the technique on Tim Kennedy’s Instagram page. You basically just pull your arms into your body as fast as you can. It’s the same motion as the cable row exercise.

My mother recorded the video as her husband helped wrap the duct tape around my hands. Many people don’t believe that a smaller or weaker person could do it. There are plenty of testimonials and video evidence of plenty of smaller and petite women doing the escape trick in the replies.

I just wanted to be able to share something that could help save someone’s life – even if only one person ever uses what I showed, it’s worth it.

Man Kidnapped Trick Duct TapeMan Kidnapped Trick Duct TapeJam Press

While Anthony is a keen gym-goer, training with heavy weights and maintaining a muscular build, he insists anyone can use the technique regardless of gender or strength.

Since sharing the video on his Twitter page, it has already gained more than 3.9 million views – however, some people are concerned they may not be able to do it.

One user wrote: ‘Okay but I need to see it on someone tiny because I’m still not convinced I could break free.’ However, allaying her concerns, another commented: ‘There’s a girl who’s pretty small in the replies who did it! She said it’s way easier than it seems.’

Man Kidnapped Trick Duct TapeMan Kidnapped Trick Duct TapeJam Press

Explaining further why it’s easily achieved, another user wrote: ‘To all the people worried that they might be too small/weak for this, keep in mind that adrenaline does crazy things, if you’re in fight/flight mode, you’re capable of a lot more than you think, don’t underestimate yourself.’

Responding to all the replies, Anthony added: ‘This was much easier than it looks. If you’re really weak then it might take a second thrust. Even so, I don’t wanna hear no excuses.’

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