Man’s Proposal Backfires In Best Possible Way

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Man's Proposal Backfires In Best Possible Way@MemesFolder/Twitter

While many engagements will be something to remember, this same-sex couple’s takes the cake.

In the viral video, two men kiss in front of a Ferris wheel – thought to be at Brazil’s Hopi Hari theme park – before one of them steps back, gets down on one knee and presents a white box with a ring in it.


Passersby watched the heart-warming moment, but many – including the guy proposing – didn’t expect what happened next.

The man being proposed to covers his mouth in shock and then walks away, leaving his partner down on one knee.


Leaving his kneeling boyfriend understandably confused, the other man starts rooting around in his backpack before pulling out a ring box himself.


The crowds that were already applauding then begin cheering as the guy who proposed first stands up in utter shock.

While neither of them officially said ‘yes’, the two embrace each other and kiss, so presumably that meant they said yes to their separate proposals.

Watch the sweet moment here:


If that doesn’t restore your faith in love, then nothing will.

While the proposal is thought to have happened last year, it recently resurfaced on Reddit, where people expressed how sweet it was.


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One person on the platform wrote, ‘It’s stuff like this that reminds me of the original meaning (and intention) of ‘gay’. When it started to be applied to men who sleep with men, it literally meant they are recklessly, joyously happy and free (and that was sadly seen as a bad thing). These guys are so gay in every best possible way.’

Someone else said, ‘This really is a testament to their love that they are literally on the same page at the same time.’ Another person commented, ‘This is how it should be in every part of the world: true love no matter the gender!’


Another Reddit user said their stomach dropped when the guy walked away after the proposal, but that they were ‘so happy’ it didn’t end the way the way they thought it would.

A couple of people commented on the awkwardness of proposing to one another in the middle of the stairs, but someone had the perfect response to this, saying, ‘Taking 5 extra steps or 10 extra seconds out of your day isnt that bad is it? The joy and excitement of these two and the others that saw it far out weigh the slight inconvenience they caused’ – and they’re 100% right.

Congratulations to the happy couple!


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