Margot Robbie’s Five Doppelgängers Have Left Everyone Confused

by : Niamh Shackleton on : 19 Aug 2020 12:47
Margot Robbie's Five Doppelgängers Have Left Everyone ConfusedMargot Robbie's Five Doppelgängers Have Left Everyone ConfusedPA Images/Netflix

Following a picture being shared of Margot Robbie next to five other actors who look just like her, a discussion has begun about diversity in Hollywood.

In the now-viral picture, the Wolf of Wall Street star is compared to five other actors who all seem to share the same physical traits: white with blonde hair, big eyes, great cheek bones and defined jawlines.


While the picture was shared as a joke, saying that all six actors were the same person, it has sparked a debate on how Hollywood evidently has a ‘type on paper’, as Love Islanders would say.

Shereen Shaffi (aka @shereeny) shared the viral tweet with the caption, ‘can’t believe the film/tv industry thinks it can trick me into believing these are all different actresses and not the same woman at different stages of her life.’ Since posting it on Monday, August 17, the tweet has been shared hundreds of thousands of times.

Speaking to indy100 about the tweet, Shereen said:


I was mostly just having fun, but on a serious note, it is concerning how many similar-looking blonde women we have on screen when diversity is still so lacking in many ways. I don’t mean to diminish the unique talents of any of these actresses, of course. But I’m a woman of South Asian descent and I rarely see myself represented at all, especially in American media – and even then we often have to fit a particular ‘mold’ to be deemed camera-worthy.

Several people commented on the post with pictures of actors they deemed as each others look-alikes. One person compared Natalie Portman and Keira Knightley to one another, while another person said how they always get Zoe Saldana and Thandie Newton mixed up.

One person even went as far as dubbing Rooney Mara and Tom Hiddleston as the same person, and now I can’t un-see it.


Another Twitter user shared a collage of male actors, including White Collar’s Matt Bomer, who all shared similar attributes of being white with big smiles and dark, slicked back hair. In 2018, Buzzfeed jokingly suggested there were actually only nine men in Hollywood, pointing out how big names like Matthew McConaughey and Owen Wilson look very similar to one another.

Joking aside, the majority of the comparisons were all that of white actors, linking back to Shereen’s point of there being a lack of diversity in the film and TV industry. And in case you’re wondering, the actors next to Margot are: Jamie King [left], Faith Ford [right], Samara Weaving, Emma Mackey and Jaime Pressly [all bottom row].

Evidently, work needs to be done to make Hollywood (and elsewhere) more diverse.


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