Marina Joyce Sparks New Fears With This Bizarre Facebook Post


Recently there was a really fucked up story about a YouTuber, who you’ve probably never heard of, trending worldwide because thousands of teenage fans thought she’d been kidnapped by ISIS.

Marina Joyce appeared nervous and wide-eyed in a video and it led to many fans believing that she’d been forced to make it by terrorists holding her captive. The whole thing was pretty bizarre.

Other theories suggested that the popular YouTuber may have been suffering from the effects of drugs or mental illness.

Police were called and the Internet lost its shit, despite Joyce constantly assuring everyone she was absolutely fine.

It all seemed to die down, but a recent Facebook post has gotten everyone worried about her again.

In a long status to her fans, the 19-year-old claimed that she has found secrets about the afterlife and outlined her plans to create a temple in Peru where she will be seen as a God. She also asked fans to consider donating money in her quest to “be alive on Earth forever”.

Here is the post: 


To read the post in full (it’s even longer), click here.

The status has brought a mixed reaction from the public, with some claiming Joyce is clearly attention-seeking and just trying to attract more followers with her bizarre behaviour.

However, most fans are worried and have encouraged her to seek help..


After the ISIS saga, Joyce claimed she was pleased to have gotten a load more followers.

Whether this is just a ploy to get people talking about her again after that died down remains to be seen.