Marnie Simpson Claims To Have Seen ‘Another UFO’ In Bizarre Post

by : Francesca Donovan on : 19 Dec 2016 06:45

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Marnie Simpson, of Geordie Shore and Celebrity Big Brother notoriety, just gets more and more weirdly fascinating with each social media post.

Tweeting to her thousands of followers, she revealed her obsession with extra-terrestrial life forms, claiming she’s had more than one UFO encounter.


She wrote, ‘I have seen another UFO today on the way to the airport. Not even funny anymore I swear they know I can see them.’

The alleged celebrity UFOlogist saw an unidentified flying object as she was on her way to the airport, prompting many of her followers to point out the busy airspace overhead could well have been the source of her sighting.


Others opted to respond with marginally less subtlety, enquiring whether Marnie had lost her mind and grasp on reality to drug-taking.


Jumping at any opportunity to pass judgement on Marnie’s not-so-private life, one commentator thought her boyfriend may be excreting hallucinogenic matter from his person, prompting the UFO sighting.


Marnie met her current boyfriend, Lewis Bloor in the Celebrity Big Brother house this summer, when their relationship escalated quickly as the viewing public watched on.

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Due to the public nature of their romance, neither has been shy about revealing intimate details of their love life.

They are essentially the poster couple for a curated existence and a personal life played out on Instagram.

morning cuddles are the best . ???

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Perhaps this UFO sighting can be seen as concrete evidence suggesting that Simpson has truly become befuddled by the boundaries between what is real and what is false…

Or maybe she’s just a true believer.

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