Martin Shkreli’s Creepy DMs Exposed By Journalist He Asked On A Date


Human hate sponge and all around smug guy Martin Shkreli has shocked absolutely no one by being a little bit creepy on Twitter. 

The 33-year-old entrepreneur and pharmaceutical executive has been suspended from the Twitter echo chamber for harassing the editor of Teen Vogue, Lauren Duca, while attempting to woo her.

Shkreli had allegedly been sending Duca a number of weird messages over social media and also changed his Twitter bio to ‘i (sic) have a small crush on @laurenduca (hope she doesn’t find out).’

While that would be odd enough Shkreli took things a step further and changed his Twitter header to a rather disturbing collage of Duca and profile picture to Duca sitting with her husband with his face Photoshopped onto the husband’s body.

Duca, being understandably freaked out, got in touch with Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey asking why Shkreli was allowed to openly harass her on the social network, The Independent reports.

Shkreli responde saying;

dont [sic] disrespect the sovereignty of my love for you. your [sic] being unfair.

He also defended the collage saying it was made by fans because Duca is famous, claiming he admires Lauren and that if she doesn’t like his advances she can ‘DM me or block me’.

When he’s not acting like a creepy serial killer, Shkreli enjoys offering his face up to be punched, supporting Donald Trump and hiking the price of HIV medicine up.

Duca told Buzzfeed she was pleased with his suspension calling him an ‘entitled creep’ who deserves to have his account suspended.