Matrix Creator Tells Elon Musk To F*ck Himself

by : Emily Brown on : 18 May 2020 10:21
Matrix Creator Tells Elon Musk To F*ck HimselfMatrix Creator Tells Elon Musk To F*ck HimselfWarner Bros./PA Images

The Matrix creator Lilly Wachowski told Elon Musk to ‘fuck’ himself after he quoted her film on Twitter. 

Musk has been posting a number of cryptic and bizarre tweets recently, sharing memes and random thoughts alongside his posts about Tesla and SpaceX.


Perhaps he’s overtired after welcoming his new son into the world, or perhaps he’s just being his regular, eccentric self, but either way many of the tweets have little explanation, including his recent Matrix reference.

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Yesterday, May 17, Elon Musk wrote on Twitter: ‘Take the red pill’, followed by an emoji of a red rose. Fans of the film will have been quick to get the reference to the movie, in which Morpheus tells Neo he’s been living in a computer simulation.


Morpheus offers Neo a choice between a blue pill, which will make him go back to his life and forget about everything, or a red pill which will allow him to learn the truth about the Matrix and his fake reality.

Though this is where the reference originates, Variety suggests Musk’s red pill tweet is in reference to the internet subculture associated with conservative political beliefs. ‘Taking the red pill’ can now mean shifting a political alignment to the right, and is often used in forums related to Donald Trump.

It wasn’t immediately clear whether Musk’s tweet had a political undertone, but Trump’s daughter Ivanka appeared to assume it did as she shared the tweet and wrote: ‘Taken!’


For all we know, Musk might have been watching The Matrix and simply quoting one of his favourite lines, though his recent criticisms of California’s response to the outbreak suggest otherwise. Either way, Wachowski was not impressed as she responded to the tweet with blunt disapproval, writing: ‘Fuck both of you’.

Lilly Wachowski’s response received a lot of attention from amused Twitter users, so she used the opportunity to do good and shared a link to the LGBTQ social service Brave Space Alliance, urging people to donate.

Musk didn’t respond to Wachowski’s comment, though he added further fuel to the fire by sharing another tweet with a meme of Morpheus and used it to joke about taking DayQuil and NyQuil at the same time.


Wachowski appears to have chosen to ignore Musk’s second reference to the film, though it didn’t seem like there was much left for her to say following her initial response.

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