Matt Damon Is Latest Celebrity Time Traveller According To This Photo

by : Tom Percival on : 22 Sep 2016 14:13
AOL Build Presents Matt Damon Discussing His New Film AOL Build Presents Matt Damon Discussing His New Film "Jason Bourne"Getty

Matt Damon is many things – a mega successful movie star, a humanitarian and an all round jolly decent guy. But is he secretly a time traveller too? 

That’s the claim of some on Reddit after they saw a pretty stunning picture of a man from the Sixties who bears an uncanny resemblance to the Bourne star, The Daily Star reports.


The odd photo was posted online by someone claiming to be the son of the Damon doppelganger, who explained the spooky snap was taken in February 1961 on his mum and dad’s wedding day.


While a lot of people pointed out the likeness others seemed to think it may have been Damon himself, despite the actor not having been born yet.

One user commented: ‘I hate to be the one to tell you this but your dad is Matt Damon’, while another added: ‘[he] even has that same half smile as Matt Damon’.


Some even went so far as to say: ‘Jason Bourne can time travel. – CONFIRMED’, which we’re guessing is a joke but you never can tell with the Internet.


Normally, we’d dismiss this off hand – time travel isn’t real no matter how much we wish it was – but it would explain how Damon manages to choose such good films, he knows they’re going to be successful before he even stars in them!

Although that does raise the question of who he’s bumping out of the limelight to steal these great roles.

adam-sandler-martianadam-sandler-martian20th Century Fox

Yeah, maybe not…

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