Meet The Texas Law Hawk, The Attorney With The Greatest Adverts Ever

Aggressive-Fort-Worth-Lawyer-Bryan-E-Wilson-the-Texas-Law-HawkTexas Law Hawk

Have you got into trouble with the law recently and are in the market for an attorney?

Well if I were in your shoes I know who I’d want defending me – meet Bryan E. Wilson, aka the Texas Law Hawk, aka probably the only lawyer you will ever see popping badass wheelies in their promotional video.

The Law Hawk is a defence attorney from Fort Worth, Texas, and he’s released some promotional videos that are definitely the best adverts for legal representation you’ll ever see.

2YouTube/Texas Law Hawk

At first the videos look like hilarious parodies of law adverts. But on a closer inspection of his website and attorney profile Wilson is the real deal, graduating from Texas Tech University School of Law in the ‘top 7% of his class with the highest honors of summa cum laude’. He was also selected by Fort Worth, Texas Magazine as one of the top attorneys of Tarrant County in 2014.

He even uses screenshots of Home Alone to illustrate his blog post about your rights when the police come to your house.

Why don’t we have lawyers like this in the UK?