Mexican News Reporter Screams At ‘Moron’ Anti-Vaxxers Live On-Air

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Mexican News Reporter Screams At 'Moron' Anti-Vaxxers Live On-Air@telediario/Twitter

A Mexican news anchor is mad as hell at anti-vaxxers, and he can’t take it anymore.

Mexico has seen more than 4.39 million confirmed cases of COVID-19, with 301,000 deaths. Around 149 million doses of the coronavirus vaccine have been administered across the country, amounting to 56% of the population being fully vaccinated.


However, echoing the conspiracy theories being spouted all over the world, anti-vaxxers are still refusing to get their jabs. Leonardo Schwebel, a presenter for Telediario Guadalajara, is sick of it.

In a viral clip, Schwebel can be seen screaming at the camera, saying, ‘If you’re anti-vax, you’re a moron… put on the damn face mask.’

However, he does not regret exploding on-air. ‘It’s not a matter of scolding, look, I made a similar video on my social networks and absolutely nothing happened… so sometimes you have to shout for people to get on. If I had said it normally, ‘Sir, please please, put on the mask, I ask you please’, believe me, I would not be here with you today,’ he said.

Around 56% of Mexico's population has been fully vaccinated. (Alamy)Alamy

‘The idea is that there are not so many deaths or so many infections and now we are experiencing the worst week in the country’s history, so I do not know to what extent we can understand that this is very serious.’


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Schwebel doesn’t care if people call him ‘crazy’ or mock him for losing his temper; as long as the proper use of face masks, vaccines and other personal hygiene measures are being properly discussed, he’s content.

‘The debate is no longer the issue of vaccines, it is how we are going to solve this issue and there is no adequate system for us to be vaccinated every six months and we are fighting with each other,’ he said.

Woman holding coronavirus vaccine (Alamy)Alamy

The anchor has even received death threats from anti-vax viewers, with some hoping he catches the virus and passes away. He’s remained unfazed, insisting that people across the country get to grips with the severity of their situation.

‘Everywhere we are living in very difficult conditions. We are not talking because it occurred to us, we are in the worst week, so if you add to that that we are not in a country that does not give many results, then we must try to do it among ourselves so that there is not so much contagion,’ he said.

Mexico has seen rising infections in recent weeks, particularly in areas rife for tourism during the past holiday season.


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Telediario Guadalajara
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    "Sometimes it is necessary to shout," says Leonardo Schwebel, TV news host who "exploded" against anti-vaccines