Mexico Coach Took Wife And ‘Mistress’ To World Cup

by : UNILAD on : 12 Jul 2018 16:21
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Word is: Mexico’s coach Juan Carlos Osorio had little bit more on his plate than just football prior to his team’s 2-0 defeat to Brazil. 


The ex-footballer and manager is reported to have brought both his wife and mistress to the last 16 game where his national side was eliminated. Bad omen?

The 56-year-old father of two has allegedly been having an affair with sports reporter Mariana Zacarias, 30, for two years.

Both Zacarias and Osorio’s wife, Juliet Ceballos, along with the couple’s two sons, Juan Sebastian and Sergio were in attendance.

A source close to the coach told local news outlet TV Notas blamed the apparent affair on Osorio’s ‘deconcentrated’ state.


A source close to the ‘technician and the reporter’ told the Mexican magazine:

He always said that he had everything under control, that he could with his wife, with his mistress and with the team, although since he has been with this girl he has become very distracted.

The source went on to say Osorio’s wife is aware of her husband’s relationship – but that Osorio makes light of the whole thing. Alright for some, innit?

Mariana took to Instagram to make it known she was in attendance.

The source continued:

Sure, he knows that Mariana is a lover of her husband since 2016 and has her well located.

Juan Carlos was lost at night to look for her, even she claimed him, but he tells her that he is hallucinating, that he does not have anyone.

Mariana ZacariasMariana Zacarias@marianazac/Instagram

Prior to the Brazil game, Osorio had said, as per ESPN:

Tomorrow we’ll try to dispute possession, we have midfielders with a lot of talent and we can utilize numeric superiority to keep the ball.

It is a titanic task against a great team, but we will try and when we can attack, with the game showing whether we can elaborate [plays] or counter-attack.

But the idea is not to park the bus because Brazil has a lot of quality in the last third and they score goals, as they’ve shown against teams that have sat back.

He added:

It’s not [American] football, it’s not rugby, it’s not basketball, it’s not baseball where the scores are so high that you can always anticipate who will be the winning team. Football is different.

You just need to score one goal and many, many times you can defend and with that goal you can win the games. But I wouldn’t take anything away from the big teams, it’s just that football gives surprises all the time.

A lot of people who don’t understand the nature of the game, this beautiful game we are in has that as a main factor and the winning attitude of the team on a day can be decisive and win games.

Alas, Mexico did not come up trumps against Brazil, who were eventually knocked out by Belgium in the quarter-finals.

Still, at least he’s got his… functioning family life to fall back on? After all, the shelf-life of international managers isn’t so good.

Osorio, amigo, choose the right path. Everything else will fall into place.


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