Mia Khalifa Posts Teenage Photo Showing Off Huge Weight Loss


Former adult film star turned sports broadcaster Mia Khalifa has shared a never-seen-before photo from her past last night (June 26).

She posted the pic alongside one of her current look as part of the #transformationtuesday trend going around Instagram.

In the caption, Mia dispels any notions her body was a result of luck of the draw or ‘good genes’, instead she put it down to ‘A S*** TON OF F***ING WORK’.

In her post she wrote:

Here goes my #transformationtuesday: Life is about balance. For me, it’s balancing my passion and love for food with my health. People ask me all the time how I eat so much and stay skinny – IT HASN’T ALWAYS BEEN THAY WAY AND IT TAKES A S*** TON OF F***ING WORK. It’s not “good genes,” or a “young metabolism.” It’s 5 days grinding in the gym every f***ing week so I can go on a guilt free culinary excursion every few months and be able to drown my protein in a creamy morel sauce without looking like an offensive tackle for the Washington Redskins. Anyways, the point is, work hard, eat carbs. [sic]

Due to her previous work in the adult entertainment industry, which is essentially how she came to be so popular, Mia Khalifa has fought tooth and nail to shed her former profession and has found success as a sports reporter and broadcaster.

While she has a deep and passionate love for all things sports related (particularly from her hometown of Washington D.C.) she’s also quick to call out ‘the realm of sports being too much of a “boys club”’.

In an Instagram post from June 15, when Iran beat Morocco 1-0 in their opening Group B game at the World Cup, she wrote:

I complain about the realm of sports being too much of a “boys club” and feel overwhelmed in trying to break into it and make my voice heard. I now feel ashamed that I’m not using the voice I do have to speak up for those who can’t. Sports is a unifying, beautiful part of life that everyone who wants to should have a chance to experience. My first love wasn’t a boy, it was a team. My first heartbreak wasn’t a boy, it was a too-early hockey exit. I’ve shed more tears of sadness, and joy over sports than I can count. I understand fighting to be allowed in sports media, but I can’t fathom the idea of not being allowed to enter stadiums just because of my gender. These women deserve better, and a small step is to let people know what is going on in these oppressive countries by spreading the word. #WorldCup #SportsIsForEveryone

Known for her spicy trolling of sports stars who attempt to creep into her DMs, Mia had to recently publicly call someone out after they decided to tattoo her face on to their thigh.

Mia Khalifa Reveals Devastating Result Of Working In Pornmiakhalifa/Instagram

She posted a picture of it on her Instagram and proceeded to grill the well-intentioned admirer in the caption:

STOP GETTING TATTOOS OF ME. This is not by any means flattering, it is OUTRIGHT CREEPY. Also, I had braces for way too long to accept that uneven picket fence you’re calling a smile as decent work, my teeth are f***ing perfect.

While the piece was clearly unfinished, Mia offered some advice to the person in question, urging him:

Don’t finish it, save your money and cover this up with a tribal symbol or some other trashy tattoo you obviously already have if you’re willing to put A COMPLETE STRANGERS FACE ON YOUR BODY YOU PSYCHO. Jesus Christ.

This is why you shouldn’t have heroes.

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