Mia Khalifa Savaged By WWE Star After She Makes Fun Of His Music

by : UNILAD on : 09 Dec 2017 20:31

Stand back, there’s a hurricane coming through… and it’s going to savage ex-mattress actress Mia Khalifa like it’s no big deal. Kapow!


Making an appearance on YouTube show Out of Bounds recently, Khalifa discussed UFC fighter Ronda Rousey’s jump to professional wrestling and she wasn’t best impressed.

Turns out the 24-year-old sports fanatic doesn’t appreciate sports entertainment.

She said:


This is where her career will go to die.

I have no respect for the WWE, it’s not a real sport. It’s embarrassing.

This didn’t go down all that well with WWE veteran Gregory ‘Hurricane’ Helms.

He responded in typically trash talk fashion.

On his Twitter, Helms wrote:

I’m not gonna get upset that a porn star doesn’t Pro Wrestling. She’s entitled to her opinion.

Our bodies take a pounding and well… so does hers.

It’s textbook Helms.

His fans were suitably impressed.


Mia has not replied to the Gregory’s retort and it’s unlikely she will, granted she is now whizzing around a hurricane at full speed.

This of course isn’t the first time she’s been in trouble with DMs and other famous people.

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NFL Star JuJu Smith-Schuster had a perfect response to sports blogger and ex-adult film actress Mia Khalifa, when she innocently flirted with him on Twitter.

Now to be fair to Khalifa, she was probably happy to follow the Pittsburgh Steelers’ wide receiver on Twitter – aside from currently being the youngest player in the NFL, he also has a Rose Bowl Champion with the USC Trojans to his name. So on the gridiron, he ain’t no slouch.

Yet in the same breath, you can’t blame Smith for playing the cautious card – many-a-pro-athlete have coming knocking on Khalifa’s DMs and she’s burned them all to cinders – but not before exposing their ‘thirst’ to her millions of followers.

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It all kicked off when Khalifa posted a Tweet – tagging the 20-year-old – which stated he was her ‘new favorite follow’:

However Smith responded with a ‘less-than-courteous’ reply:

As always, the internet catches wind of these things, I mean what else is there better to do eh? Champion causes to end world hunger and poverty?.

Subsequently, the Twitter timelines blew up with reactions to Smith’s burn towards Khalifa:

Naturally Khalifa wasn’t going to take this disrespect lying down (no pun intended).

She took to Twitter, dragging in Smith’s Steelers’ teammate, running back Le’Veon Bell, to ‘come get your mans’:

While you can understand Smith’s ‘less-than-cordial’ response to Khalifa – I mean no one wants to be another passenger aboard the ‘Mia Khalifa thirst-trap express’ – his response should have been more diplomatic, just say something like ‘Thanks, peace’ and you never have to say nothing to her ever again.

Like I said before though, there’s a reason why Khalifa got a rejection from Smith – she’s known for calling out – and generally – trolling athletes, from airing out Duke Williams, Chad Kelly and Willson Contreras to sending foot fetish pics to Golden State Warrior’s talisman, Steph Curry.

FYI: Golden State are picking up their sixth ring this year – yeah I said it!