Michael Myers Seen Having Dance-Off With Child In Full Costume

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Michael Myers Seen Having Dance-Off With Child In Full Costumecandigirl74/TikTok

Just when you thought Halloween was all about scaring people senseless, this viral clip of Michael Myers dancing goes against every terrifying notion you had about the character.

When the kids across the street caught a glimpse of the infamous Halloween icon this week, they didn’t run for their lives. Instead, one fearless boy challenged him to a dance-off.


Check it out:

Luckily for us, a TikTok user captured the encounter, which has since gone viral, of the pair throwing shapes. Having posted two videos of a neighbour dressed as the legendary stalker from the 1978 John Carpenter classic, the two videos, uploaded by TikTok user @candigirl74, have had almost five million views.


As you can see, the Michael Myers in this instance, while he may be holding a knife, is actually rather friendly, as he shakes the boy’s hand.

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The pair them decide to embark in a dancing competition, as each recreates various celebration moves from the video game Fortnite.

With the comments sections turned off on both video shares, admirers were left to simply admire the interaction, as the views rolled in.

Michael Myers Seen Having Dance-Off With Child In Full Costumecandigirl74/TikTok

Kitted out in the full boiler suit and creepy white mask synonymous with all things Halloween, the pair really go at it, as the kid copies the moves the Myers impersonator throws down.

It’s hard to say who won but, after a hearty handshake at the end, maybe we should call it a draw.

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