Microsoft’s Still Not Learnt Its Lesson About Bots

by : Tom Percival on : 14 Apr 2016 16:38
caption bot aicaption bot aicaption.ai

Only a few weeks ago Microsoft accidentally created the world’s first racist AI, and the tech giant was forced to pull the plug on their chatbot ‘Tay’.


Well it seems they’ve still not learnt their lesson, as their latest effort is an improvement (not racist) but is instead hilariously incompetent. This time, their off the rails robot is Captionbot, an AI designed to recognise photos and come up with a suitable text captions.

The page was launched in late March, and Captionbot so far’s been fairly poor at its job, but we can’t hold that against the bot which fully admits that it’s still learning.

Social media on the other hand does hold it against the bot, Mashable reports, and the reactions been pretty funny online.

Here’s a few of its guesses so far… 


Here’s a couple we tried to test the bot, and admittedly it didn’t get off to a good start…

ai guess 10ai guess 10caption.ai

Poor Wayne…

ai guess 9ai guess 9caption.ai

At least it knew it was colourful…

ai guess 7ai guess 7caption.ai

Wooh it got one!

ai guess 6ai guess 6caption.ai

And again, that’s two!

ai guess 5ai guess 5caption.ai

Okay that’s not right, but it was a hard one…

ai guess 4ai guess 4caption.ai


ai guess 3ai guess 3caption.ai

Come on…

ai guess 2ai guess 2caption.ai

It wasn’t even trying with this one was it?

ai guess 1ai guess 1caption.ai

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