Mid-Air UFO Sighting Freaks Out Plane Passengers

by : Charlie Cocksedge on : 10 Nov 2018 18:10
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Bird? Plane? Superman? Aladdin and Jasmine on the magic carpet? Chemtrail? Dementor? The Shame Wizard? I don’t know what to tell you, but this video really is the definition of a UFO.


The unidentified flying object was captured on camera from a plane flying over the Aegean sea. Filmed by a person called Kerry (who, somehow, manages not to snap back at their fellow passenger incessantly asking ‘Kerry what is that? What is that Kerry? Kerry?’ Unsurprisingly, Kerry doesn’t have the answer…), the dark, smoky object seems to rise out the clouds like a genie set free.

As it seemingly rises straight up, the flying object then looks like it turns at a strange angle – not one that a plane could manage – before flying straight forward and leaving a long, dark trail of smoke behind it.

Another hypothesis could be that the spooky object is actually flying in a straight line the whole time, and it’s actually the plane turning that provides the odd angles and perspective. But that still doesn’t explain just what this UFO actually is…

Check it out:


I’d like to ask Kerry what it is, but I think we’ve established she and the other passengers on board the plane just don’t know.

Being above the Aegean sea – this isn’t the Bermuda Triangle or Area 51 – and given its grey, smoky appearance, could it be a wayward rock flung out of the mouth of a volcano below? Probably not, but I guess I’m just trying not to give in to the obvious answer – aliens.

Then again, if it was an alien, surely they would have some futuristic technology that didn’t leave a disgusting black trail of smoke lingering behind it? Only humans are stupid enough to burn fossil fuels like that, right? So the next obvious answer has to be – dementors.

Ok so it’s not some fictional being from the wizarding world. Which means this unidentified flying object has to come back to down to Earth and just become an unidentified object again.

Like these pieces of a crashed vessel, for example, which were found in a remote Cambodian village.

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Residents apparently heard a loud sound at around 6am one morning in October this year. Together, the pieces they found weighed more than 40 kilograms (88 pounds), and caused damage over a 10 kilometre (6.2 mile) radius.

Villager Sok Nol told IFLScience:

I heard a big noise in the morning. I was shocked and thought something bad had happened. When I went to look there was one big piece in a field and other smaller pieces around. We thought an airplane had crashed but there was no big engine.

Now I think that it has come from space and landed in our village. It’s confusing because nobody knows what it is.

Yin Chamnan, police chief of Preah Vihear, said:

We have found more than 17 fallen fragments of aluminium and rubber. But, we are continuing the search and are collecting further information from the people at the scene.

UFO? Drone? Spaceship? The sky is falling…

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