Middlesbrough Girl Finds Spider Chilling In Hood After Sending Hungover Selfie To Friends

by : Niamh Shackleton on : 05 Feb 2020 17:15
Girl Finds Spider Chilling In Hood After Sending Hungover Selfie To FriendsJam Press

A girl’s innocent hangover selfie became the stuff of nightmares when a huge spider was spotted hiding in her hood. 

The morning after a night out, Olivia Nunn from Nunthorpe, Middlesbrough, sent the hilarious hungover picture to her mates in their group chat.


Unbeknown to Olivia, her head wasn’t the only thing in the hood, with one of her pals noticing the eight-legged friend chilling in her hood with her.

Girl Finds Spider Chilling In Hood After Sending Hungover Selfie To FriendsJam Press

The group of friends were understandably left in hysterics and one of them, Grace Graham, reposted the picture on her Twitter page.

She wrote:


Nearly 24 hours later I still cannot get over Olivia sending a hungover selfie in the groupchat and there’s a spider just chilling in her hood.

The photo has since gained more than 47,500 likes and 3,700 retweets, leaving dozens of users in utter shock at the creepy crawly’s appearance.

One person replied to the Grace’s now viral tweet: 


It’s the fact its got her trapped in there like Ryan Reynolds in Buried. Nowhere to run. Can’t take the hood down, can’t move, can’t blink, nothing.

Someone else said:



One user shared a similar experience, after he too had taken a picture of himself and didn’t realise a spider was crawling right along the lining of his jumper.

Sharing a photo revealing a giant black spider crawling across his collar, he wrote: ‘I’ve been there trust me’.


While the spider that appeared in Olivia’s hood was pretty huge, at least it wasn’t one of the deadly spiders set to ‘boom’ in Australia following the bushfires.

Some of the spiders that live over there can kill someone in just 15 minutes. No thanks.

Funnel Web SpiderWikimedia Commons

UNILAD spoke with Kane Christensen, a Spiders Supervisor at Australian Reptile Park, who explained how the current weather they’re experiencing has created the ideal environment for these eight-legged creepers to get down and jiggy with it:

We have had a long, dry spring and early summer, and now the recent rain has made the [very humid] conditions excellent for the male spiders. Male ground dwelling spiders go out in search for females at night.

It’s not only funnel-webs that are out and about at this time – a lot of spiders enjoy these conditions. It’s also a good time for high insect activity, which is good for spiders as they feed on the insects.

So, if you’re a spider-hater: A) don’t go to Australia anytime soon; and B) always check your hoodies before putting them on.

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