Mike Tyson Responds To People Sending Him A Tattooed Version Of Most-Liked Egg

Mike Tyson eggGetty/@MikeTyson/Twitter

Mike Tyson has responded to people who keep sending him a tattooed version of Instagram’s most-liked egg. 

As we moved into 2019, I don’t think anyone would have predicted the record for the most-liked Instagram picture would be taken by an egg. But just over two weeks into the new year, here we are.

It’s not even a particularly dazzling egg; just the average product of a chicken, but it’s taken the world by storm and gained over 46 million likes at the time of writing – massively overshadowing Kylie Jenner’s previous record of 18 million.

Check out the egg in all its glory here:

When Kylie uploaded the first picture of her daughter Stormi, it quickly became the most-liked Insta pic.

The simple picture of the newborn grasping her mother’s perfectly manicured nail was posted in February 2018, and remained in the top spot for almost a year.

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stormi webster 👼🏽

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Now however, World Record Egg is Instagram’s champion, and the news of its success has only served to increase its likes by the millions.

For some people, it seems realising something as mundane as an egg could achieve such greatness was like stumbling across a goldmine of certain hilarity, and so the jokes began.

There’ve been calls for the egg to appear on chat shows:

The integration of the egg into classic memes:

And, most recently, a simple photoshop turning the egg into the one and only Mike Tyson by giving it his trademark face tattoo.

Check it out below:

It’s not exactly the most perfect resemblance, but it’s been enough to catch the former boxer’s attention.

It seems people have been sending this piece of art to Tyson, and they’ve done it enough times for him to take to Twitter to request them to stop.

Sharing the picture of the tattooed egg, he got straight to the point and wrote:

Stop sending me this shit.

While it’s pretty funny, it must be annoying for Tyson to open up his mentions and just see a stream of eggs. What do people expect him to say? “Omg lol yeah that egg looks so much like me!” I doubt it; though at least he acknowledged their efforts in some way by responding.

Things only escalated after he posted the tweet.

Loads more people started replying with pictures of the egg, and some Twitter users edited the picture even more in an attempt to create a better resemblance.

One person went in with their opacity tool, turning it up until this masterpiece was created:


Hopefully the amusement of the egg will wear off soon enough; though something so plain does open itself up for a lot of photoshops.

Even Miley Cyrus is getting in on the action:

With all off this eggciting action happening in just the first few weeks of the year, who knows what else 2019 will come up with?

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