Millie Bobby Brown Dressed As Princess Leia For Halloween And It’s Amazing

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Millie Bobby Brown discusses friendship with Drake.Millie Bobby Brown discusses friendship with Drake.Netflix

It’s close to midnight, something evil’s lurking in the dark. Under the moonlight you see a sight that almost stops your heart. You try to scream but terror takes sound before you make it. You start to freeze as horror looks you right between you’re eyes. You’re paralysed.


Not my words, of course, but those of the late Michael ‘Moonwalking’ Jackson in his seminal 1982 spooky smash hit ‘Thriller’.

Why do I mention the opening verse? Well only because it’s probably what Millie Bobby Brown sang last night at a star-studded Halloween party!

Y’all know Millie Bobby Brown right? The Millie Bobby Brown. Millie “Stranger Things” Bobby Brown, from hit Netflix show Stranger Things? In which she plays Eleven?


If you don’t this article probably won’t phase you, but for all those budding fans out there – who in theory potentially already know this – MBB went as the iconic Princess Leia last night.

Her co-stars went as Rey and Han Solo, Eleven (when was blonde) in Stranger Things (ha!) and a rasta.

Check this out:

Amazing that. Me? I’m going as one fourth of the cast of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia in ‘The Gang Beats Boggs’ which some may know only requires a white shirt, a pen and Coors Light. You know what? Slag me off. If I was a millionaire child star I’d be able to splash out on a better costume but, for whatever reason, I’m not.

Anyway, back to MBB. What a ride it’s been for her these last two years.

She told W Magazine earlier this year:

I didn’t know anything about it. Every part of the show was top secret. I Skyped with the directors [brothers Matt and Ross Duffer], and we spoke about ’80s movies—E.T., Stand by Me, and Poltergeist. I flew to L.A. for a screen test, and the next day I got the job! I was 11. We did the show, and I went back home to England.

I thought, Okay, it’s a little show. What’s next? And then we came to America for the premiere. Three days later, my whole life changed. People went crazy! My followers went up to 1 million in one day. Magazines wanted me. One of my goals was to be on the cover of W, and you see? Dreams do come true.


They sure do. Stay real, MBB.

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