Millionaire Playboy Has His Yacht And Properties Seized

by : Francesca Donovan on : 11 Aug 2017 07:56

They say pride comes before the fall. In this Italian playboy’s case, arrogance comes before your yacht gets seized. 

Gianluca Vacchi, 50, who flaunts his wealth to 11 million Instagram followers daily, has recently had his yacht and several properties seized by creditors – much to the amusement of the Internet.


After launching an appeal to help the heir to a pharmaceutical fortune pay off his debt to the tune of 10.5 million euros, the Internet has responded in the only way it knows how: By mercilessly trolling Vacchi and his hedonistic lifestyle.

Vacchi’s cash-rich, work-free existence has even been parodied on a Facebook page entitled ‘Find Gianluca Vacchi a job’, which has attracted a huge following.

Not to be outdone Twitter users have posted pictures of themselves posing, Dan Bilzerian-style in front of plastic paddling pools and pedalos.


Many are ironically emblazoned with the hashtag, ‘Enjoy’, in honour of Vacchi’s self-congratulatory book, which documented his decision to give up work in the family business.

Serendipity… @gutierrezary

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Five Tonnes Of Cocaine Worth $232 Million Seized From 79-Foot Yacht

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So inevitably social media users were amused that the boastful body-builder has had a yacht and several villas seized by banks demanding repayment of debts of 10.5 million euros.

His stake in a golf course near Bologna has also been confiscated pending an arrangement with creditors who fear other debts may have been hidden, the Quotidiano Nazionale reported.


Vacchi claimed, ‘It is just a little debt,’ when set against the value of the family business, IMA, a conglomerate with interests in packaging and pharmaceuticals.

Now i have to start thinking what i'll do as an adult man..?❤ #gvlifestyle @gutierrezary #gvlifestyle

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An appeal for funds to pay off Vacchi’s has not done so well: by Friday it had only attracted pledges of five euros.

C’mon everyone. Let’s have a whip round for this poor, entitled man.


Where’s the Monopoly money?

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