Mississippi Dad Freaks Out After Daughter Dyes His Hair Blonde Without Him Knowing

by : Cameron Frew on : 02 Sep 2020 13:27
Mississippi Dad Freaks Out After Daughter Dyes His Hair Blonde Without Him KnowingMississippi Dad Freaks Out After Daughter Dyes His Hair Blonde Without Him KnowingTyTrenique Stampley/Facebook

One dad had a hilarious, motherf*cker-heavy breakdown after his daughter sneakily dyed his hair blonde for a joke. 

TyTrenique Stampley, from Natchez, Mississippi, regularly gets up to mischief with her dad – referred to as Stant on social media.

In a video earlier this year, she offered to dye his hair. However, he was unaware of the bleach being used on his head, and it’s safe to say his reaction wasn’t one of delight.


Check out the hair dye prank in the video below: 

Gotta WATCH TO THE END ‼️🤣🤣🤣🤣

Posted by TyTrenique Stampley on Thursday, March 12, 2020

The clip, which racked up more than 1.8 million views, shows TyTrenique grinning as she finishes up Stant’s hair. When he lifts his head to the camera, he immediately explodes.

As she giggles to herself, he says, ‘You know one thing b*tch, don’t ask me for a goddamn thing, motherf*cka. Don’t ask me for nothin’, ’cause I don’t play this bullsh*t!’

TyTrenique Stampley Hair Dye PrankTyTrenique Stampley Hair Dye PrankTyTrenique Stampley/Facebook

Courtesy of Reddits_For_NBA’s transcript, Stant continues: 

Don’t worry ’bout it man, I don’t like that – y’all – I don’t give it a shit – f*ck you, get yo Black ass to yo mammy house. You know goddamn well I don’t want this motherf*ckin shit in my goddamn head motherf*cka… you thought they knew what you were doing… so I don’t f*ck with ya. So I don’t f*ck with ya.

In one final plea, TyTrenique asks, ‘You don’t like it?’ Stant retorts, ‘Man, kiss my motherf*ckin ass.’

TyTrenique Stampley/Facebook

In a later video, the pair gave an update on Stant’s hair, which has now returned back to its normal shade. The video is extraordinarily sweary – however, its recent appearance on Reddit has sparked an interesting discussion about how different people react to the video.

One user wrote, ‘It’s funny how much your own upbringing has you reacting to things like this, my blood ran a little cold at the tone and how annoyed/angry he was. I would’ve been running out the door if that were my dad!’

In response, one viewer wrote, ‘His tone was annoyed and he cursed a lot but he didn’t seem super mad. I think genuine anger and yelling is way worse than that.’

TyTrenique Stampley Hair Dye Prank 3TyTrenique Stampley Hair Dye Prank 3TyTrenique Stampley/Facebook

Another user commented, ‘Different families functioning differently who would’ve thought. I know families where people cuss each other and are living happily. It’s not something that I have in my family but who am I to judge.’

Most comments are in absolute awe of the brilliant use of ‘motherf*cker’. One user commented, ‘Motherf*cker right out the gate. Sam Jackson would be proud,’ with another adding, ‘I want this guy to be my Google assistant voice. Swearing and all.’

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