MMA Fighter Does Bottle Cap Challenge With Knife

by : Lucy Connolly on : 12 Jul 2019 12:17
MMA fighter does bottle cap challenge with knifeMMA fighter does bottle cap challenge with knifeWorldLethwei/Twitter

The bottle cap challenge, once as simple as someone kicking the lid off a bottle, has progressed significantly since its infancy.


Now, instead of using their legs to execute a perfect kick in the direction of said bottle, celebrities and sports stars have been coming up with unique – and sometimes dangerous – ways to knock the bottle cap off.

Take, for example, MMA fighter Tun Lin Aung, who recently decided to just straight up replace the bottle with a knife, kicking a bottle cap off that instead. I mean, it’s certainly one way of going about it.

Take a look at the heart-stopping moment he kicks the cap off below:


As cool as it all looks, I am going to take this moment to warn you that you should definitely not – under any circumstances – attempt this challenge at home. Aung did though, because he’s a professional MMA fighter and can do cool sh*t like this whenever he likes.

Aung, from Myanmar, doesn’t even hesitate as he stares resolutely at the knife, before executing a perfect kick which results in the cap getting launched across the room.

Just examine the pure concentration as he spins around – bare foot no less – and confidently kicks out in the direction of the sharp-as-hell knife.

MMA fighter does bottle cap challenge with knifeMMA fighter does bottle cap challenge with knifeWorldLethwei/Twitter

Disclaimer: I’ve written so many articles about the bottle cap challenge (see here, here, and here) I’m now a certified expert on the matter, so what I’m about to say should be taken as gospel.

And what I’m about to say is this: the fighter should now be crowned king of all viral challenges after single-handedly making everyone else’s attempts look measly in comparison.

Surely not, you’re probably gasping. What about Donnie Yen, who upped the ante completely when he did the entire challenge blindfolded?

Yep, even him:


Okay then, what about Mariah Carey, who used only her voice to make the cap spin off the bottle in a matter of seconds? Pfft, I’m sorry Mariah, but in comparison to Aung’s, meh.

Sure, controlling another object with your high-pitched vocals is pretty darn impressive, but can it really beat someone using an actual knife to do the same thing? I think not.

Although many would disagree with me, after liking and sharing the singer’s post millions of times and saying people ‘could never’ beat her attempt.

That was before Aung came along and shattered everyone’s expectations and then some.

Sorry guys, I don’t make the rules. What I do do though is once again warn you, DO NOT under any circumstances try and copy his video. It’s extremely f*cking dangerous.

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