Model Calls Out Photographer After He Told Her To Lose Weight

by : Poppy Bilderbeck on : 13 Sep 2021 16:02
Model Calls Out Photographer After Telling Her To Lose Weight@thewizardliz/TikTok

In an enraging but extremely powerful video, a model has taken to TikTok to expose a photographer who told her to go and lose weight. 

Liz turned up to her photoshoot having been invited there by clients who ‘already knew’ her size and look, to then be told by the photographer that she should ‘not eat until the next shoot’ in order to ‘lose weight’.


The video has since gone viral after Liz was recorded by a friend as she confronted the photographer, calling him out for his extremely harmful and hurtful comments.

In the video, titled ‘I have no words’ and captioned: ‘I was at my shoot today and the photographer told me to not eat until the next shoot so I would lose weight’, Liz (@Thewizardliz) can be heard confronting the photographer for expressing such a critical and damaging view.

The model can be heard telling the photographer how she ‘doesn’t care how many years’ he’s had in the industry and that ‘you can’t tell people not to eat until the next shoot because that could develop an eating disorder’.


She goes on to say how the photographer is ‘very lucky’ she feels ‘secure in her body’ and ‘loves’ herself. ‘But if there was another model who was standing here and was insecure about her body, that one comment that you made, would literally make her go insane,’ Liz warned.

Liz continued that such a comment could cause a model to ‘stop eating, weigh her food, her hair would fall out, literally she can die, because of that one comment you made’.

Watch the clip below:



‘You should watch how you talk to people and I shouldn’t lose anything because I am already very skinny and even if I wasn’t, you’re not the one to tell me what to do with my body,’ she said.

Liz then concluded by telling the photographer to let the clients know that she wasn’t going to shoot anymore and that the photographer could explain why.

She said: ‘You should watch your mouth with people, because it can really damage them.’

The video has since amassed over 16.5 million views, 4.3 million likes and 41,200 comments, with other TikTokers flooding to the post in support of the model. One said: ‘God bless you for standing up to him.’


Another wrote: 

For those saying this was an over reaction, it wasn’t. It was a perfectly reasonable REACTION. Iconic. God’s work.

A third commented: ‘You’re a queen.’


Liz has since updated followers that the clients who hired her for the shoot called her ‘non-stop apologising’ after the incident. She stressed how her reaction may have seemed ‘dramatic’, but people are ‘dying because of EDs’.

Liz reposted the TikTok to her Instagram in response to all of the ‘love and support’ she received from the initial video.

She said:

I am beyond shocked by all the love and support I received for this video. I really didn’t want to post it cause I felt like I might reacted to harsh… but I am not doing this for me. I’m doing it for my younger self who developed and ED cause of people like this who constantly told me what and when I should or shouldn’t eat.

I am doing this for every girl/boy out there who has suffered or is still suffering from an ED, for everyone who has been put down and didn’t feel comfortable speaking up. You are worthy, you CAN and SHOULD defend yourself. My body is perfect not because I am “skinny” but because I am healthy alhamdulillah. I love my body and so should everyone.

May all of you be blessed and get everything your heart desires. Thankyou so much for validating my feelings and making me feel worthy.

Liz concluded by updating followers that the photographer had been let go by the clients as a result of the incident.

If you’ve been affected by any of the issues in this article and would like to speak with someone in confidence, call the BEAT Eating Disorders helpline on 0808 801 0677. Helplines are open 365 days a year from 9am–8pm during the week, and 4pm–8pm on weekends and bank holidays. Alternatively, you can try the one-to-one webchat.

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