Model Loses 150,000 Followers After Posting ‘Brutally Honest Photos’


A plus-size model is outraged at the closure of her popular Instagram account and claims that it was done out of malice.

Curvy Natalia Lozano is a model who had more than 150,000 followers before her account was suddenly closed down.

The Spanish star had to start up a new Instagram account and is in the process of rebuilding her followers from scratch. She has already managed to recoup 14,000 and vows to continue fighting against censorship and insults towards plus-size models.

Accounts are often closed due to inappropriate content, but somebody’s profile will also be taken down if other users lodge complaints.

Natalia believes that a concerted effort was made to lodge complaints against her.

The model says that she faces daily criticism because of her size but she will not give up.


A post shared by Natalia Lozano ? (@natcurvylicious_) on


A post shared by Natalia Lozano ? (@natcurvylicious_) on

She said:

They cannot stand that I am sexy and confident. They call me fat and vulgar and accuse me of hypocrisy because I touch up my photos.

The social media star believes that the problem is more evident in Spain.


A post shared by Natalia Lozano ? (@natcurvylicious_) on

She added:

The moment you stand up as a sexy plus-size woman, you are judged and censored. However, in the United States for example, plus-size models have lots of followers and are more widely accepted than in my own country.

Natalia says she will not throw in the towel and promises to ‘raise awareness and promote good values, not those of envy and hatred.’

She added:

Whatever people think of my body, I am indifferent.

They are young people, the focus is on 18-19-20 years. I will not leave Instagram, they have not given me any solution or help, two weeks later I am waiting for what to do.

Keep doing you, Natalia.