Monopoly Board Gets A Makeover To Reflect Real Rental Prices In London


The extortionate cost of living in London in comparison to the rest of the UK is not really a secret, but a flat share site has just made it even clearer to celebrate the 80th anniversary of Monopoly.

Weroom has analysed the current average cost of renting in each of the areas traditionally featured in Monopoly, and then compiled their findings back on the board.

To highlight how far from reality the game actually is, the website has revealed what the price advertised on the board would actually buy you today.


Park Lane, one of the prize properties on the board, actually offers the closest value to reality, with the £350 you’d pay in the game capable of getting you 11 days in an average Park Lane room.

Mayfair isn’t far behind with the Monopoly price getting you 8 days of a roof over your head in real life.


And then the joke squares no one really wants, or buys just to fractionally tax everyone else as they pass go, are the furthest from representing the value of reality.

The 60 quid you part with in the game would only get you two days on the actual Old Kent, or Whitechapel road.

Check out the full board to see if a big London could be for you.


Unbelievably the real cost of living in London probably brings around more arguments than the board game ever has.