Monstrous ‘Iceberg’ Being Removed From Someone’s Ear Will Make You Vomit

Josefa M. Reina/YouTube

Golly gosh, here we are again. Another day, another video to make you wish you were never born. It’s a spot popping.


Over the course of the last few years, mobile phone footage of people getting their blackheads and cysts seen to by medical professionals has become somewhat of a craze.

This video happily joins the ranks albeit casually.


Watch it here and then we’ll talk:

OK, so: not a huge reveal if you know what I mean? There’s no splatter. What we’ve got here is a slow burner.

Sometimes, they’re the worst though. They’re definitely the most satisfying as it draws out the payoff. Satisfying if you’re a freak, I should say.

Me? I can’t really be doing with it. Lather my face in grease and give me a hundred spots and I’d crush them like bubble wrap but watch someone else go through the procedure? It’s a no from me, pet.


If you’ve watched the video and are now contemplating therapy, let me distract you with this, the video you might not know but definitely need after sitting through ear-gate!

It’s an Italian grandad trying to pronounce Worcestershire sauce.

Funny, isn’t it? Sow-oo-chay.


That’s not how you say it!