Most People Can’t Spot The Cat Among The Pigeons In Less Than 18 Seconds In Brainteaser

by : Cameron Frew on : 28 Oct 2019 15:12
Most People Can't Spot The Cat Among The Pigeons In Less Than 18 Seconds In BrainteaserMost People Can't Spot The Cat Among The Pigeons In Less Than 18 Seconds In BrainteaserNatures Menu

It’s National Cat Day tomorrow. So why not get yourself in the mood with this eye-testing, feline-themed brainteaser? 


October 29 will see cat lovers all around the world celebrating their beloved pets. No matter their colour or size, we love the furballs.

The Brainteaser was created by Natures Menu, to celebrate National Cat Day. Can you find the cat among the pigeons in less than 18 seconds?

Pigeon Cat Brain Teaser 2Pigeon Cat Brain Teaser 2Natures Menu

I’ll be honest: it took me five seconds. Not to scratch my own post, but I think that’s quite decent (although there’s rumblings a colleague managed it in around two seconds… the b*stard).


Nevertheless, people on Twitter have been putting their eyesight to the test, to varying levels of success.

One user wrote after conquering the puzzle: ‘Lol easy… they say the average time to find the cat amongst the pigeons is 18 seconds. Took me about 5 seconds.’

People have been turning in some impressive times, from five seconds to three seconds. One particularly quick-eyed person even claimed: ‘Took me less than a second…’ Legend.

Here’s the solved puzzle, if you’re struggling:

Pigeon Cat Brain Teaser SolvedPigeon Cat Brain Teaser SolvedNatures Menu

On National Cat Day, people are encouraged to donate to their local animal shelters.

As per The Sun, Natural Menu managing director Craig Taylor said:


What better way to celebrate National Cat Day than by challenging your family and friends to finding the missing kitty amongst the pigeons in our fantastic brainteaser?

The beauty of the puzzle is how it tests your brain, exercising eager viewers’ visual processing speeds by challenging them to find the shapes contained in other shapes.

If your cat-based puzzle appetite hasn’t been satisfied, here’s another. Only this time, the cat is hidden among owls.

Brain teasers keep your mind in good shape – am I the only one still hurting from playing Brain Training on the Nintendo DS? According to Team Player Productions, ‘a dexterous brain makes for happier, healthier, people in general’.

By regularly engaging in some regular form of mental exercise, you can: boost overall brain activity; increase your memory power; reduce the risk and slow the progression of dementia; improve memory and brain processing speed; reduce boredom; and improve concentration.

Whether it be finding the cat, crosswords, sudokus or Rubik’s cubes, it’s worth keeping that noggin on its toes.

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