Mother Tricks Daughters Into Believing They’ll Turn Into An Octopus For Stealing Brownies

by : Rhiannon Ingle on : 23 Sep 2021 15:10
Mother Tricks Daughters Into Believing They'll Turn Into An Octopus For Stealing Brownies (@jewelry_boxx / TikTok)@jewelry_boxx/TikTok

After they stole a chocolate brownie, one mum decided to play a prank on her daughters as comeuppance. 

In a video uploaded to TikTok, the mother and her two daughters have an interesting conversation about the consequences for the person who ate their mum’s food.


The video, which now has more than 15,000 views, includes the caption, ‘My kids ate my brownie that I hid so I decided to prank them’.

It starts with the mum telling the two girls, ‘Y’all going to turn into octopuses by midnight,’ asking ‘How much did you eat?’ to which one of her daughters’ replies, ‘I ate one bite. Is that good?’

‘So, I have to take you out to the sea?’ the mum tells them.



The daughter on left begins crying while jumping up and down pleading, ‘No, please! Is the doctor going to kill me?’ The mum responds, ‘I don’t know.’

‘Who ate the most?’ the mum continues. The daughter on the right then points to her sister, who runs away, admitting, ‘I ate one bite, I ate one bite.’

‘One bite?’ the mum asks. The daughter on the right double checks, ‘Is one bite good? So I won’t turn into the octopus?’

‘She already growing scales,’ the mum points out about the other daughter, ‘Can you see it on her cheek?’

@jewelry_boxxPart 2 these kids terrorize me daily so I want to get on their level and play too lol ##pettymommy ##pettylevels ##AEJeansHaveFun ##funny ##kids ##dramatic♬ original sound – Jewelry box

The daughter bursts into tears, holding her cheek as she cries, ‘Oh no! No!’ As the other daughter tries to comfort her, she simply screams ‘No’ repeatedly until the short clip ends.

TikTok user @jewelry_boxx has since posted a part two to the prank, captioned, ‘Part 2 these kids terrorize me daily so I want to get on their level and play too lol’.


The video carries on with the prank and then ends with the mum explaining to her two daughters that it was all made up, ‘I’m playing, y’all not going to turn into octopuses’, she ends the TikTok with, making it clear it was all a prank.

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