Mum Catches Son Getting Alexa To Do His Homework

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Mum Catches Son Getting Alexa To Do His HomeworkCONTENTbible

A young boy was caught red-handed cheating on his maths homework by his mum – after using Alexa to answer the questions. 

Leanne Gormanley stood on in awe as her nine-year-old son, Bryce, used Amazon’s A.I. assistant to get through those pesky sums.


In the hilarious clip, Leanne films Bryce sitting quite happily on the living room floor, asking Alexa: ‘What’s eight multiplied by four?’ among other questions.

Check out the video below: 


As Bryce quickly jots down Alexa’s answers, Leanne watches on with raised eyebrows.


Inevitably, his mum disturbs him, asking: ‘What is going on here?’ The cheeky chap simply smiles in response, saying: ‘Doing my homework.’

As Leanne tries her best to stifle a laugh, she goes into mum mode, saying: ‘No, that is not how you do homework.’

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Bryce isn’t fazed though. In bold defiance of his mother’s presence, he continues to ask Alexa for the answers to his sums. As the clip ends, Leanne tells him: ‘You do realise you’ll be doing all this again yourself?’


Since uploading the brilliant video to Facebook, it’s already been viewed nearly two million times, with more than 20,000 reacts.

Leanne, amused by the whole thing, captioned the video with:

I would say it’s a fantastic effort son… NOT. Alexa is NOT how you do your home work Bryce. 10/10 for cleverness on this aul boy.

Really could not believe the cheek of him doing it when I was in the vicinity.

While it’s obvious that isn’t the appropriate way to complete homework, many have applauded the young boy for being intuitive enough to turn to the device for help. One user wrote: ‘Awe well done Bryce. Got to give him credit for even doing that lol.’

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Speaking about the video, Leanne said: 

I told him I was going to put dinner on so he was to make a start on his homework. As I was cooking I could hear Alexa in the background saying something, so I went into the living room to check and there I caught him.

As you can see from his face, he was pretty shocked when I caught him out. That was what made me share this. The sheer cheeky face on him. I thought, wow, how smart. So afterwards we did his homework again and had a laugh watching the video back. That’s when we decided to share it.

Most of the reaction has been amazing. I’m just glad most of the world can see it for what it is and that’s a wee boy being smart who found a way of doing it quicker.

Like nearly all children, Bryce isn’t a fan of homework. But Leanne said she attended his parents evening recently, where his teacher said ‘he is doing great in all aspects of his academic studies’.


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Well in, wee man.

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