Mum Criticised For Sharing Video Of Baby Jumping Off Bed And Landing On Head

by : Lucy Connolly on : 13 Aug 2019 17:32

A mum has sparked outrage after sharing a video which shows her young son jumping off a bunk bed and landing on his head.

Sveta Ananas, a Russian social media star with more than 50k Instagram followers, posted the slow motion video last week to celebrate her husband reaching 1 million views on viral video app TikTok.

In the video, Sveta can be seen jumping off a mattress into her husband, Andrei’s, arms and smiling for the camera widely as he catches her.


Take a look at what happens below:

However, shortly after the social media personality jumped, her two-year-old son Gabriel copied her actions and leapt off the bed into the air after her.

Gabriel then fell towards the floor before landing on the mattress and getting thrown back into the air, after which he landed on his head and toppled over.


The young boy then got up, smiling at his parents as they released each other from their embrace and grinned at each other before Andrei placed Sveta back onto the floor.

Baby fall on headBaby fall on headsvetasidananas/Instagram

Although there are no obvious signs Gabriel was injured in the video – due to his smiley demeanour immediately after the incident – it has not sat well with many who criticised the parents for their child being exposed to a potentially dangerous situation.

While one person described the couple as ‘lucky’ their baby didn’t ‘break its damn neck,’ and slammed them for being ‘more worried about TikTok likes n [sic] views’ than knowing what their baby was getting up to, another simply wrote: ‘worst parenting ever’.


Another agreed, saying the ‘worst parents of the year award goes to you for sure,’ with one person calling them an ‘absolute disgrace’ and adding they should be ‘ashamed’ of themselves.

Baby jumps off bedBaby jumps off bedsvetasidananas/Instagram

Sveta quickly responded to the criticism levelled against the couple, stating she used to fly ‘from the closets on the bed’ and end up with ‘mezzanines’ on top of her – the only difference is smartphones weren’t around to capture it.

The social media star later shared the same video to an Instagram account she had set up on Gabriel’s behalf, calling him a ‘strong guy’ and disputing the fact she is a bad parent.


The post read (translated to English):

I am 2 years old, and I blew up the Internet. I was discussed in all the public places of the world. They called it the family of the future… If I often jump like this and everything is ok with me, I’m a strong guy

That post was similarly ill-received, with many worrying about the child’s safety and suggesting the couple care more about ‘likes’ and engagement than their own child.


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Sveta Ananas/Instagram
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