Mum Devastated After Buying Bright Blue Toilet From IKEA, Until She Realises What It Is


When Marie Stent went to visit her daughter in Sheffield somehow she ended up purchasing a new toilet seat, but there was one problem.

The seat, which had cost Marie a stunning £40 from Ikea, had all the right functions – being a comfortable to place to sit while taking a dump – but the problem was that it advertised itself as white. The go-to classic colour for toilet seats across the globe.

However Marie was absolutely livid when she unravelled the bad-boy to find that it wasn’t white at all and she’d already thrown away the receipt.


Now personally, I’m not the type of guy that would get p*ssed off if my toilet seat wasn’t white. I wouldn’t give a hoot if it was grey, green, brown, or orange. But Marie was furious when she pulled the seat out the packaging and it was blue.

However this story isn’t that simple as the seat was a double agent which Marie only realised after her daughter, Amber, took a look at it.

Posting to Twitter, Amber explained that the seat was indeed white but covered in a blue protective film. Duh.

In the original tweet which has since blown up all over Twitter, Amber explained:

So Mum bought a £40 toilet seat from Ikea, gets home and starts freaking out because it’s bright blue and she’s chucked away the receipt.

After about 30 mins of accepting it she’s finally got her head around the idea of having a blue toilet, until I come and read the label.

After the tweet went viral, boasting 33k retweet, Amber added:

Who knew a tweet about a toilet seat would be so poppin?

If only Marie, from St Neots in Cambridgeshire, would’ve took a look at the seats diagram she could’ve saved herself the 30 minutes of fury and just tore that protective sheet off in seconds.

While you may sit there thinking you would’ve noticed the blue colour was a sheet yourself, many others responded to Amber’s tweet saying that they’ve made the exact same mistake.

One wrote:

That happened to me too and to my shame I returned it.

While another added:

Me, too, was pointed out at the till ‘you sure you don’t want it, it is white you know – you thought it was blue didn’t you?’ We are not alone it happens a lot.

But perhaps the most embarrassing story of all was one posted by Charlotte O’Leary in the reply section.

Her story goes as follows:

My mum bought a toilet seat, took it out of the boot of the car and put it in the road while she shut the boot. Then forgot all about it. 24 hours later we eventually found it still in the road, drivers carefully manoeuvring around it.


While I’m no Laurence Llewelyn Bowen, personally I think the blue number looks way nicer than your bog-standard white.

It’s only a device for taking a sh*t at the end of the day right. Who cares what colour it is?

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